Travel- Roadtrip from Chandigarh to Leh

Miss Bhukkad

Holiday season is still in full swing and the hot favourite destination after the International destinations is North India. Last year this time v suddenly decided let’s go to Leh. A destination that was long awaited. We were 5 of us and I started with flight bookings. That was the easiest part. When u hv never been there it gets a bit difficult to plan your whole trip with hotels and locations without any knowledge or any help. It was a tedious one month of research and search for hotels and after getting hotels their numbers and then bookings was a daunting task. We took the trip in August end.  This year since many ppl are doing the place and many are planning to I decided to share the itinerary with hotel names and things to do. We took a roadtrip from Chandigarh to Manali n Manali to Leh- firstly…

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GOA in off season

Monsoons are here and this post will come handy if planning your weekend getaway to Goa. I happened to take this trip last year and I saw a different side of Goa. Instead of the hot sun, over crowded beaches and pumping nightlife…i saw freshly washed city, full of greenery and clean roads with comparatively […]… Continue reading GOA in off season